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PM Modi new scheme will give subsidy

PM Modi new scheme will give subsidy, KUSUM Solar Plant The Modi government has started another big scheme to help the farmers, under this scheme, farmers can get solar plants installed so that they can sell irrigation works and electricity products.

PM Modi new scheme will give subsidy

What is Solar Plant Scheme?

After launching a big scheme like PM Kisan, the Modi government has also approved the plan to install solar system solar plants for the farmers. The cabinet had approved this plan on Tuesday. The name of this scheme has been named KUSUM i.e. Agricultural Energy Security and Upliftment Maha Abhiyan. With this scheme, farmers will not only be able to do irrigation work in their fields, but they will also be able to generate electricity from solar plants and earn by selling it. For this, the farmers will have to pay only 10% of the money.

What is KUSUM Solar Plant Scheme.

In India, there are many problems for the irrigation of farmers, due to lack of rain, many times the crops of the farmers get ruined. Under this scheme, the government will provide solar plants. Through this scheme, farmers will not only be able to irrigate their agriculture by installing solar power equipment and pumps in their land, but they will also be able to earn by giving the extra electricity generated from it to the people of their village. If the house land is vacant, then install Solar Plant Company will give money to buy electricity.

First changes under KUSUM Solar Plant

Let us inform that in the first phase of the Kusum scheme, diesel-powered pumps will be replaced, according to an estimate of the government, 17.5 lakh such irrigation pumps will be made solar-powered. This will reduce the consumption of diesel and will also help in curbing the import of crude oil.

Where will the money come from for setting up the USUM Solar Plant?

If this is a central government scheme, then it is valid for every state.

Under Kusum Yojana, the farmer will have to invest 10% of the total cost of solar panels.

30 percent of the money will be given by the central government as a subsidy.
30 percent such state government will give as subsidy.
And the remaining 30 percent can take loan from the bank, the government will help the farmers in getting the loan.

How much electricity can be saved by this scheme

Regarding this scheme, the government believes that if all the irrigation pumps in the country are replaced with solar pumps, it will not only save electricity, but it will also be possible to generate 28 thousand MW of additional electricity. In the next phase of the KUSUM Solar Plant scheme, the government will allow farmers to make solar energy by installing solar panels on their fields. Under this scheme, the government will provide solar plants with 10,000 MW energy to the farmers.

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