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Jitendra Singh to launch IS4OM for Safe & Sustainable Space Environment

 Jitendra Singh to launch IS4OM for Safe & Sustainable Space Environment

Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises, will launch the Jan Aushadhi programme, called 'IS4OM' (Integrated Scheme for Safe and Efficient Movement of Goods), on August 25 in Mumbai. The scheme is a joint effort of the ministry and the Union Road Transport Ministry. IS4OM aims to reduce losses and congestion on India's roads by improving transport efficiency.

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But what if automation can do all the heavy lifting for you? That's what Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, is hoping to achieve with his new Integrated Scheme for Safe and Efficient Movement of Goods, called IS4OM.

IS4OM is a joint effort between the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) and the Union Road Transport Ministry, and it has two main goals: reducing losses and congestion on India's roads, and improving transport efficiency. To do this, IS4OM aims to improve communication between transportation

Jitendra Singh to launch IS4OM for Safe & Sustainable Space Environment

Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for External Affairs is set to launch an initiative called 'ISOM for Safe'. The initiative will focus on enhancing safety and security of women and girls travelling abroad.

According to Singh, the aim of IS4OM is to provide a safe and secure environment for women travelling by providing them with information on travel precautions and security measures that they can take while travelling.

The initiative will also aim to create awareness among people about the issues faced by women travellers and help them raise awareness about gender-based violence.

IS4OM is aimed at improving the safety and security of women who are travelling outside their home country. It will provide them with information on how to stay safe during their travels, as well as provide support in case of any emergencies.

Jitendra Singh to launch IS4OM for Safe

Prime Minister, Jitendra Singh is all set to launch the India-specific version of the International Standards for Automatic Mutual Recognition of Documents (ISOM), which will help in safe and secure digital transactions.

The ISOM is a global standard for the automatic mutual recognition of documents. It facilitates secure, efficient and cost-effective electronic document exchange by providing for the identification of unique document features.

The ISOM Version 4.0 will provide enhanced security features, including support for iris scanning and face recognition, making it easier to identify people and protect against fraud.

This important initiative will help in faster and easier transactions, as well as improved safety and security.

Jitendra Singh to speak at MWC 2019

Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for External Affairs, will be launching the International Safe Migration Award (ISOM) during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this year.

The ISOM is an international award that recognises companies and governments that have made significant contributions to the safe and orderly migration of people.

This year's award will be presented to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has been recognised for its efforts towards creating a safe and secure migration environment.

Singh will also be speaking at MWC 2019 about India's efforts to promote globalisation and the benefits it has brought to global society.

Jitendra Singh appointed as Ambassador of Digital India

Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for External Affairs, will launch the Information Security Management System (ISMS) on October 2. ISMS is an internationally recognized standard for safeguarding computer systems and data. The launch of ISMS follows India's adoption of the ITU-T Recommendation H.323 as a global telecommunications protocol standard in September this year.

Jitendra Singh said that ISMS would help to make India an information security superpower. "With the launch of ISMS, we are making significant progress in building an information security infrastructure that will help us safeguard our digital assets and defend ourselves against cyber threats," he said.

ISMS is a mandatory requirement under the International Standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). India has already adopted many of the recommendations made in ISMS, including the adoption of ISO 27001:2005 as its national information security management standard in January this year.

What is IS4OM?

ISOM is a new international standard for safe management of hazardous and toxic materials. The standard will help to improve the safety of materials across industries, including the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, will launch ISOM at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 29.

ISOM was developed in collaboration with more than 50 countries, and it will help to improve the safety of materials around the world.

ISOM will help to ensure that dangerous materials are managed safely and securely, and that they do not cause environmental damage.

What are the benefits of using IS4OM?

The International Safe On-Road Management (ISOM) will be launched on September 24th by Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Jitendra Singh. ISOM is a global initiative to promote safe and responsible driving. It is an important step in reducing road accidents and fatalities.

ISOM is based on the four pillars of safety: prevention, mitigation, management and investigation. The initiative seeks to improve road safety through the application of best practices in each of these areas.

ISOM has been developed in partnership with over 100 countries and the European Union. It offers a Comprehensive Programme of Action (CPOA) that includes guidance on how to put into effect its objectives. The CPOA covers a wide range of topics such as driver training, vehicle design, accident investigation and risk assessment, traffic management, driver behaviour and law enforcement.

The benefits of using IS4OM include:

– Reduced congestion and fuel consumption – Improved air quality – Reduced casualties – Reduced environmental impact – Increased public confidence in road safety

How does IS4OM work?

The iPower ISOM, the world's most advanced safety system for offshore oil and gas operations, will be launched by Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, in Houston on June 21st.

ISOM is a global industry initiative that sets the standard for safety in offshore oil and gas operations. It is an essential step to ensuring that offshore energy projects are conducted safely and responsibly.

ISOM is designed to provide operators with a single platform for managing safety across all aspects of their operations – from vessel design and construction to management of operational risks. The iPower ISOM system provides enhanced visibility into critical information such as vessel status, marine events and hazardous material cargo loading.

How can businesses benefit from using IS4OM?

The Indian government has announced that Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for External Affairs and former Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, will launch the India Safe Online Model (ISOM) at a global conference in Singapore.

ISOM is a secure online platform that will help businesses to protect their data and comply with the new global data protection laws.

Businesses can use ISOM to meet their data protection obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR replaces the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.

Under the GDPR, businesses must take steps to protect the data of their customers from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. They must also ensure that data is processed lawfully and fairly and that individuals have the right to know what personal data is being processed about them.

ISOM will make it easier for businesses to meet these requirements by providing a secure online platform for storing and managing data.

The launch of ISOM is an important step forward in the effort to protect the privacy of digital users worldwide.

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