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Install Solar Pump for Free

Install Solar Pump for Free and Earn 80000, Install solar pumps for free and earn 80000 annually: Let us tell you that under this scheme, the government is planning to run 3cr pumps on its own energy and under this, farmers will set up safflower plants on their barren land and the electricity generated from that fields. I will be able to irrigate in the state and at the same time will be able to earn money by selling the excessively generated electricity. Solar Pump Scheme is giving an opportunity to earn ₹ 80000 annually and to generate solar power the government will use the barren land and for setting up 1 megabyte solar plant, the central government needs 5 acres of land and each 1 megawatt capacity conspiracy It will generate about 11 lakh units of electricity on an annual basis.

Install Solar Pump for Free and Earn

Only 10% of the amount that will be spent under this scheme will have to be given and the central and state government will have equal participation in the expenditure under this scheme. In the first phase of Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme, irrigation pumps running on diesel will be given. Which is around 17 points up to 5 lakhs which will be replaced with more 49 running pumps. Under the scheme in Marathi Kusum and farmers running solar pumps with energy, they will be able to sell their electricity back to the power distribution units of the states and earn additional profit. The target was taken to increase from 2022 and from 2022 to 2023, due to which the central government believes that PM Kusum Yojana can play an important role in doubling the income of farmers.

Benefits of Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme

With the availability of solar irrigation pumps by the farmers, the cost of petroleum fuel will be reduced.

Farmers will be able to sell the electricity left after their consumption directly to the government.

Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Scheme will provide additional income to such farmers who will set up solar power plants on their land.

From this scheme up to 6000 will be transferred per month.

Farmers will be able to produce vegetables etc. easily under the solar plant.

The main objective of the Prime Minister's Solar Panel Scheme

The objective of the Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme is to get rid of the problem of electricity to all the farmers of the country and make them strict and provide additional options for their income or the scheme will definitely help a lot in the hands of the farmers of the country and doubling their income. Will do And it will also reduce the cost of petrol and diesel used for irrigation, as well as reducing the additional monthly expenditure and providing a means of additional income, it is said that if you have a 1 megabyte solar plant on the land near you. So you will be paid by the power companies at the rate of 30 paise per unit and in 1 year a 1 mega watt solar plant will generate 11 lakh units of electricity.

Budget of Prime Minister's Solar Panel Scheme:- However, let us tell you that farmers can get benefit from all these services under the Prime Minister's Solar Panel Scheme, recently the central government has given Rs. 48 thousand crores to farmers to free them from the beginning of Kusum Yojana Allotted under this scheme, 100000 megabytes of vocal instruments will be set up where it is not possible to cultivate solar plants in the fields, then under the solar plant, small fruits like potato crops etc. can also be cultivated. By setting up this solar plant in barren land, electricity will be available to the farmers at the least cost and thereby improving the yield of the farmer.

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