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Haryana Ek Musht Niptaan Yojana

Haryana Ek Musht Niptaan Yojana, Haryana government has announced a one-time settlement scheme for loanee farmers or members of District Agriculture and Land Development Bank. Under this government scheme, it has been decided to waive the loan amount of Rs 4750 crore from cooperative banks of Haryana state, about 10 lakh farmers of the state will get direct benefit from the scheme. Under this scheme by the state government, if a farmer has died, then 100% rebate will be provided on the outstanding interest till March 31, 2022, on the payment of lump sum loan by his successor.

Haryana Ek Musht Niptaan Yojana

State Cooperative Minister Banwari Lal said that 100 percent rebate on the outstanding interest would be given under the scheme announced for the loan borrowers. Along with this, penalty, interest and other expenses will also be waived. Apart from this, 50% of the outstanding interest of all loanee farmers will be waived and penalty interest and other expenses will also be waived. He said that if the farmer who took the loan has died, then his heirs will be given this exemption on depositing the principal amount by March 31, 2022.

Objective of Haryana lump sum solution scheme

The main reason for starting the lump sum solution scheme by the CM, all those farmers who have been defaulted on 31 March 2022. To encourage them to pay the loan in one amount. In addition to waiving off 50% of the outstanding interest, the loanee farmers will have to deposit this loan. And the debtor farmers who have died, their heirs (son, daughter, wife, mother, father, brother,) have expenses other than 100% remaining interest, that is also being waived. Keep in mind that the loan taken from the District Agriculture and Land Development Bank, District Primary Co-operative Agriculture Bank, Rural Development Banks of the state is being waived.

how will the plan work

The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr Manohar Lal has launched 'Debt Waiver One Time Settlement Scheme', providing a big relief to the loanee farmers of cooperative banks of the state. Haryana Cooperation Minister Dr. Banwari Lal ji has provided this information that the benefit of Ek Musht Niptaan Yojana will be provided to the eligible farmers on the first come first serve basis. The government has made a budget of Rs 4750 crore for this scheme. Everyone gets the benefit of agriculture loan i.e. agriculture loan through primary cooperative societies. Similarly, the farmer will get the benefit of one-time solution scheme through Haryana Development Bank, District Co-operative Bank, Co-operative Development Bank etc.

Benefits and Features of Haryana Ek Musht Samadhan Yojana

CM Manohar Lal Khattar ji has started the one-time settlement / one-time solution scheme for the welfare of the farmers of Haryana on 5th August 2022.

Through which the farmers who have been declared defaulters on 31 March 2022 from all the District Agriculture Banks, Land Development Banks, District Primary Cooperative Agriculture Banks, Rural 

Development Banks of the state.

They have to be encouraged to pay the loan amount through Ek Musht Samadhan Yojana.

Haryana lump sum settlement scheme is being operated on a first come first serve basis.

The one-time settlement scheme launched by the Haryana government is being implemented on all types of loans.

If the bank loanee farmer dies due to some reason and his loan is still outstanding, then this loan to his successor is being given 100% rebate on the outstanding interest till March 31, 2022, through the one-time settlement scheme.

The farmers who are now loan beneficiaries of these banks and they have been defaulted by the bank, then they will be given a rebate on 50% of the remaining interest under the one-time scheme.

It is being said that the penalty, interest and other expenditure amount will also be waived through the scheme.

Talk about 17863 farmers of the state have died till the year 2022, whose interest arrears is Rs 445 crore.

With the launch of this scheme, a wave of hope has come again in the life of the debtor farmers of the state.

Now all the farmers will focus on their farming as before and there will be good profit of the crop in the coming years.

Haryana Lumpsum Settlement Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Only loanee farmers/members of District Agriculture and Land Development Banks and District Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks of Haryana are eligible to apply under this scheme.

It is mandatory for the applicant farmer to be a permanent resident of Haryana.

The benefit of this scheme will be provided only to the farmers/members who have been declared defaulters by the banks till March 31, 2022.

Documents Required for Haryana Lumpsum Settlement Scheme

Aadhar card

loan documents

Address proof

income certificate

death certificate of deceased farmer

Bank account statement

passport size photograph

mobile number

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