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CSC Digital Cadets Registration

CSC Digital Cadets Platform was launched by the Government of India on the auspicious occasion of 11th Foundation Day of CSC by Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO of Common Service Center working under IT Department. Under CSC Digital Cadets Bharti, about 20 lakh unemployed people will be given employment on all the Common Service Centers working in each Gram Panchayat, that is, 5 unemployed Cadets will be appointed at almost every Common Service Center.

CSC Digital Cadets Registration 2022

Who can become CSC Digital Cadets?

Any citizen of India who has information about the work of Digital Seva or wants to make people digital can give their application under CSC Digital Cadets Recruitment through the nearest Common Service Center.

Objectives of CSC Digital Cadets Scheme

The sole purpose of starting CSC Digital Cadets Yojana is to provide employment to unemployed youth, as well as CSC has become a very big institution in today's date and its reach is in every area of ​​India. To take the service of CSC, people have to come to the Common Service Center but CSC is now believing in door step service because right now an epidemic like coronavirus has engulfed India. In view of this problem and on the auspicious occasion of CSC's 11th Foundation Day (CSC Diwas), CSC CEO Dr. CSC Digital Cadets Scheme was started by Dinesh Kumar Tyagi. Its purpose is to provide employment to such youth who are unemployed as well as CSC now wants to develop its identity as a door step service provider.

Requirements Of CSC Digital Cadets / CSC Digital Cadets Bharti

As you all know, at present, all types of government and non-government services are available on CSC Portal and the number of these services is more than 500, it is not possible to run every service of CSC through a VLE. In view of this, another new option CSC Digital Cadets has been added on CSC Portal, CSC Digital Cadets will be a person who will work under CSC VLE i.e. they can be called CSC VLE's helpers, these people can get such services of CSC people. such as the services of the banking sector and such services which have been started at the government level etc. A certain commission will be given to these people for availing these services.

These cadets will also have to give information about CSC related services to the people of rural area so that these people i.e. the people of rural area were aware that almost all the work is done through Common Service Center, and due to lack of information they have to wander from door to door. Don't have to go or move to the city.

Roll Of CSC Digital Cadets In CSC
CSC Digital Cadets will have to go from village to village to provide information about all the services available at CSC Center to the people as well as provide door step facility to those who are necessary.
CSC Digital Cadets will deliver all the services of CSC to the people through CSC Mobile Apps.
️ Survey work will be made available to CSC digital cadets from time to time by the government and by CSC.

In times like Coronavirus, the benefit of government services to the needy people will also be done through CSC Digital Cadets.
Another main task of CSC Digital Cadets will be to keep information about government schemes and share this information with the rural people.
Using kisan e-mart to the farmers of rural areas and sharing the information of enam portal etc. will also be an important task of digital cadets.

How to apply to become CSC Digital Cadets?

If you want to become a CSC Digital Cadets then you have to first contact your nearest Common Service Center operator and tell them that you are interested in this field work or you have so many years experience in this field work. You can apply to become CSC Digital Cadets only by contacting CSC Common Service Center Operator. Keep in mind that you will work under CSC VLE i.e. your boss will remain CSC VLE and you will always have to obey him and do the work as told by him.

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